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Going on holidays? Give your home a safe holiday too

Picture this. You have just returned home from your much needed holiday feeling revitalised, calm and relaxed. You open the front door, smiling and chatting about how great the holiday was but ...


Buying property?

Inspecting the plumbing and electrical could save you $$$! When buying property it is generally assumed that you will have a Building and Pest Inspection Report conducted ...


Searching for a tradesman?

A recommendation is often your best guarantee. Finding the right tradesperson can often be a daunting process. Other than a recommendation from someone you know and trust, it is almost impossible to truly know or guarantee the professionalism ...


After Hours Plumbing & Electrical Emergencies

What you can do to save yourself money! There is nothing worse than being confronted in the middle of the night with a burst pipe or an overflowing sewer, or waking to a sounding smoke alarm (when there is no fire) or discovering you have no power ...


Fixed Rate Pricing – How does it work?

What are the benefits? We’ve all heard of and experienced the traditional method of being charged by the hour i.e. your tradesperson attends your property, conducts the works required and invoices you at the conclusion of the job ...


Are you prepared for winter? Wolfie’s has the solution!

Winter seems to sneak up on us every year. One minute we are enjoying the warmer weather and spending time outside, the next we are dragging out our winter woollies and switching on heaters ...


Preventative Maintenance for your Property

Maintaining your car with regular services ensures it remains at its optimum. We can generally plan for expenses such as new tyres and of course the cost of the service, but without regular servicing we run the risk of unexpected expenses ...


General Advice Disclaimer: Every home is different and this general advice may not be suitable to your specific circumstances. Please consider whether this general advice is suitable for you. In the case of any reasonable doubt we recommend that you seek our expert advice about your specific circumstances before acting on the general advice set out above.